• Jun 30 Wed 2010 06:24
  • 是水

Ma:Eat mango


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May's not afraid of anything
Climb no afraid

Dog no afraid

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May still not to say , But she has one's own expression ways

Ba:Go out

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May has learn to speak recently
She's say thank and goodbye now
So she has studied a method

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Ma went out to have a dinner party with friend in the evening ,
Because May is a little fidget wants to sleep ,
So BA have to stay and look after May
Ba:Remembering buying dinner for me

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Ba:Ma helps me to plaster

Ma:It's OK

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Ba bought the new cap


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Ma's making noodles
Ma:Eat noodles

Ba:The foot really aches

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Ba has changed the work , today is first work

Get up at 6 o'clock in the morning , by Taiwan High Speed Rail

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A lot of little games have appeared on the network recently
Ba has been played in long time too

But feel that kills time very much

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Jay:My God

Jay:Car is flooded get the typhoon

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Today is ba's birthday , May is join the competition of creeping too

Ba,Ma:Go! Go! Go!

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Ba:Throwed the trash , It's a bad citizen

Ba:Oh.....Where is the angle

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  • Oct 21 Wed 2009 07:05
  • 吃藥

Money skin is not good
So ba bought health medicines to eat for money

Everybody thinks very difficult to feed medicine

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